If you are asked to choose a speaker for your conference there are the usual challenges. Are they really experts? Can they wow my audience and, of course, are they worth the fee?

My experience is that the person asked to book a speaker has one other, major, vital and overarching concern.

“When the speaker finishes will the people who know it was my responsibility to choose and book them turn to me with a ‘well done’ or ‘what have you done’ look?”

I’ve spent 24 years ensuring that the look is ‘well done’ or ‘good choice’. Has it always, 100% of the time, been true. No, sadly not. Like any profession, there is a learning curve. The first few years were tough. Gaining experience, gaining confidence, enduring the lessons needed to move past good to deliver a message that moves hearts and minds, instills unexpected insights and most importantly, inspires action.

Some stats.

1981 – Qualified for MDRT – The Million Dollar Round Table – for insurance sales. Around 11% of salespeople qualified worldwide
1982 – Attended my 1st National Speakers Association meeting in Chicago with my mentor Allan Pease. I was a mere youth!
1982-1991, Worked as a salesperson, sales manager and general manager and spoke for mostly free and some fee.
1991 – 24 years as a Professional Speaker – being paid a fee to speak about sales, marketing and customer service experiences
85+ presentations per year – Keynotes, Workshops, Training, Executive Briefings
63,000+ Audience members
Presented in 84 different cities (some were towns and a few of villages)
17 different countries
1999 – Achieved the designation CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) by the International Federation of Professional Speakers. Approximately 6% of speakers world wide fulfil the criteria to achieve this milestone
2002 – Awarded a Fellowship of the Customer Service Institute of Australia
2005 – Awarded ‘Speaker of the Year’ by the Professional Speakers Association of Australia
2010 – Accredited as a Customer Experience Design Professional (International)
2012 – Granted membership of CXPA – The Customer Experience Professionals Association (UK)

What about now?

To be relevant and bring value is now more important than ever. I do this by working in-house, with $5-$150m businesses, with a willing management team, to ‘design and deliver experiences their customers can’t get anywhere else, so they don’t go anywhere else’.

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3 ways I work to help develop or extend your customer service experience, profitably:
  • Explain and Inspire – a conference/meeting keynote to open minds and explore possibilities
  • Inform, Inspire and Initiate – a conference/meeting keynote and workshop to ignite action with a proven framework
  • Inspire, Deep Dive and Build – following a conference, over 6 months implement the proven 4D CX method to build a differentiated customer service experience
Of course everything I do has to be an experience in itself.

It all starts with a call or an email. So just click here and we can start with a discussion.

If you’re not sure if you need help click here and in a few minutes get an insight, and a score, of what your customers feel about their current experience. It is the current and future commercial battleground.

So if you are looking for a customer service experience speaker or mentor make a positive decision to go with a specialist, with a long reliable and successful track record. Your audiences and teams will always say well done!