CEO’s, Business Owners, General Managers, Sales Managers, Professional Practitioners and Top Sales People all need some to talk to. Someone who has done what they are doing and someone who can add insights, advice, direction and clarity.
Iven has been doing all this for over 25 years. He has launched and owned SME’s, been a General Manager, Sales Manager, run a Professional Practice (still does) and been a multi award winning salesperson and an internationally recognised Keynote Speaker.
A comment from Iven.
“I’m not a coach and that’s not what my clients really want. They want me as a Mentor. They want direct advice, a confidential sounding board, an experienced business person, someone with broad knowledge from a wide range of industries and no nonsense conversations and evaluations of new and existing ideas. Many of my clients have been with me for many years. We have forged a relationship of truth and trust. A client actually gave me my title while working on a project. Customer experience Orchestrator. He said it summed up what I do.
What’s at the core of what I do with all my Mentee’s (that is now a word) Its on the home page. “When you design and deliver experiences your customers can’t get anywhere else. They won’t go anywhere else.”