“Every customer, of every business, has an experience. There is a key question for every business. Is this customer experience the one we designed, or the one that’s ended up being delivered, by default?”
Making a decision to deliver a deliberately designed and commercially advantageous customer experience is a simple one.

There are five key challenges:

  • What’s the process for designing an experience which truly sets us apart in the minds of our customers?
  • What can we do get out customers to help build the experience they most want?
  • How do we upgrade our CX, so that in the process of improving, we don’t damage our existing business?
  • How do we know that the changes we’re making are actually improving our customers experience?


A note from Iven.

These are the starting questions I work with, inside my clients businesses, every day. Every forward thinking CEO or business owner knows that the customer experience, how you deliver what you do, is the current and future competitive battleground. These are the starting questions I work with, inside my clients businesses, every day.


As little as 10 years ago a business was the place the customer went to get information about the products and services they delivered. Today potential customers can be as far as 70% through your sales funnel by the time they interact with you. We used to look at the world of marketing and selling as three, easy to differentiate parts. The Before (the marketing), the During) (the sale) and the After (service and repeat business). Now we have to add, the Before the Before (your reputation and multichannel presence) and the Forever After (you’re ongoing, customer co-created, hopefully never ending, commercial relationship with your client).


To help CEO’s, business owners and their teams navigate this new and potentially confusing space I created this map which shows the customer’s reaction to the level of experience they receive and also the financial impact on the business.




If you want an understanding of the experience your business is delivering click here and in a few minutes you can get an idea based on the final score. From there you can decide if you need help.


Have a look at the blog to see ideas and insights about what’s happing in the world of customer service experiences.